List of the highest paid technology companies


July 7, Fineko/ Technology companies with the best average salary for 2021 have been published.

ABC.AZ reports that S&P assessment of 500 largest U.S. companies revealed new salaries.

Against this background, an increase in wages was recorded on Apple, which is experiencing problems with the supply of products.

It is noteworthy that although Apple has increased salaries by 18%, it still lags far behind Google and Meta. Earlier it turned out that the company pays to women less than to men.

So, the highest paid companies in 2021 are as follows:

Alphabet – $295,884

Facebook – $292,785

Incyte – $248,810

Broadcom – $247,541

Vertex Pharmaceuticals – $234,107

ServiceNow – $233,859

Twitter – $232,626

Etsy – $231,338

Nvidia – $217,542

Gilead Sciences – $211,687

The report also says that Apple is numbering 154,000, Google – 156,000, and Meta – 71,000 employees in the world. It is not known whether these figures cover factory workers.