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Azerbaijani government provides guarantees on obligations on oil contract for field block Muradkhanli-Jafarli-Zardab
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani government has provided guarantees concerning the obligations on oil project Muradkhanli-Jafarli-Zardab.
read more   30.04.2016 11:10
Azərişıq collects no more than 23-32% of sold electricity cost
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan grid operator Azərişıq sharply lowered the monthly charge from consumers.
read more   30.04.2016 11:05
Moody’s confirms Azerbaijan’s ratings at Ba1 and assigns negative outlook
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Moody’s Investors Service has confirmed Azerbaijan’s long-term issuer ratings and senior unsecured debt ratings at Ba1 and assigned a negative outlook.
read more   30.04.2016 11:01
Azərişıq completed past year with a phenomenal loss
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan’s grid operator Azərişıq finished the past year with a phenomenal loss.
read more   30.04.2016 10:05
Azerbaijan’s tax authorities inflict first blow to e-commerce
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Tax crime Pre-Investigation Department under the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan has received for consideration the first case relating to e-commerce.
read more   30.04.2016 09:40
Academy of Sciences keeps plans on formation of national innovative space
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. At yesterday’s Baku general meeting the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (AMEA) acknowledged AMEA activity for 2015 as satisfactory.
read more   30.04.2016 09:20
Two universities in Azerbaijan to be supplemented by new regional branches
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Two state universities in Azerbaijan will be supplemented by new regional branches.
read more   30.04.2016 09:01
Oil price above $48 strengthens much US’ price advantage at oil market
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The world prices for oil, crushing the effectiveness of EU industry through the premium status of oil in the European market, have predictably strengthened the support of the American advantage.
read more   30.04.2016 08:50
Next regional workshop held on AZAFF project, initiated by EU and EBRD
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. AZAFF project, jointly initiated by the EU and the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), has successfully conducted the second regional workshop on financial literacy for farmers.
read more   29.04.2016 17:40
Azerbaijani manat stabilizes to US dollar
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan, which introduced on 21 December 2015 the floating exchange rate with help of the auction, reported that the manat rate to the US dollar has stabilized after 3-day decline.
read more   29.04.2016 17:25
Amec Foster Wheeler to make FEED within Baku refinery upgrade
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract by Azeri state oil company SOCAR for its oil refinery in Baku, Azerbaijan.
read more   29.04.2016 17:20
Salyan connected to a new water supply source first time since 1972
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan’s water operator Azərsu connected Salyan to a new source of water supply for the first time since 1972.
read more   29.04.2016 17:03
Azerbaijani BOT-contract system gets first negative evaluation by foreigners
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Law on Special Financing of Investment Projects related to construction and infrastructure projects has undergone the first foreign expertise.
read more   29.04.2016 16:50
S&P downgraded Azerenergy’s rating below sovereign with stable outlook
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has downgraded today its long-term corporate credit rating of power generating company Azerenergy to ‘BB’ from ‘BB+’ with Stable Outlook.
read more   29.04.2016 16:10
Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park acquired seventh resident
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) has acquired its seventh resident.
read more   29.04.2016 15:25










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