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NamePalmali Group of Companies
Phone(994 12) 563 60 70 / 71 / 72
Fax(994 12) 563 60 75
Address27 Teymur Aliyevi Str., Baku, AZ1069, Azerbaijan.

In 1998 Palmali passed the formal registration in Istanbul and started operations immediately. The company began with serving as an agent for the vessels passing through the Straits to reach the Turkish ports.

The company management began to take aim at higher goals as time went by. PALMALI remained successful in competing with the major shipping companies operating in the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the North Sea. At the same time, PALMALI is one of the principal carriers of liquid hydrocarbons and of general cargoes going via the landlocked waterways of Russia. Furthermore, the company acts in the same capacity on the main shipping lines around the whole of the continent. Moreover, the company is doubtless the leader in terms of carriage via the internal ports of RF. 

Many vessels of PALMALI Group of Companies are named after our prominent scientists, politicians, national heroes and towns and provinces of Azerbaijan. Among them are the Heydar Aliyev bulk-carrier named after our national leader, the Chinghiz Mustafayev tanker named after the journalist and a national hero. There’s also the tanker called General Hazi Aslanov – Hazi Aslanov was a tank general and twice the Soviet Union Hero. One of the bulk-carriers is called after the early 20th century benefactor Zeynalabdin Taghiyev; another was named in honour of the playwright Ilyas Efendiyev. Many tankers and bulk-carriers are dedicated to the provinces of Azerbaijan and among them are the Lenkoran, the Nakhchivan, the Baku, the Azerbaijani Karabakh, the Masalli, the Murovdag, to mention but a part of them. These vessels depart from the Land of Flames, set sail to distant seas and tell the world about Azerbaijan.

PALMALI continues adding new vessels to its bulk-carrier fleet; the new vessels will be used to carry general cargoes. The bulk-carriers of the Mir Jalal Pashayev, Zarifa Alieva, Mirzaga Khalilov and Shirvan have recently joined the company’s fleet.

Today, PALMALI Group of Companies has the following members: Palmali Holding, Palmali Shipmanagement, Palmali Gemi Hizmetleri ve Acentlik Ltd. ?ti, Palaviation, Palin?aat, Golden Brick, Nur Sud and Palmed Hospital. The Palmali fleet numbers over 120 tankers and bulk-carriers counting the rented vessels. The company specialises in shipping crude oil, oil products and food oils in the main.

PALMALI has offices in 18 towns in 9 countries in addition to the head office in Istanbul – all to ensure prompter and better command and operation of the fleet.

Baku office of Palmali Group of Companies has been up and running for almost 4 years since 2002. Palmali implements in Azerbaijan many projects that help solve such a burning problem as unemployment.  Among  projects implemented by the company in Azerbaijan there are the secondary school building in Masalli, the sea-port of Lenkoran, a hotel, a brick and milk factory, a dwelling settlement and a modern soccer stadium. Many of Azerbaijani specialists found jobs and decent wages at the industrial facilities built by the company. For example, the brick plant in Baku took more than 60 people in employ alone. More than 180 people will work at the diary factory and 3 thousand farmers will be able to sign milk supply contracts with the milk factory.

Sporting is another area in which PALMALI is active. For example, the company granted the football funs of Lenkoran the new grounds built for $15 mln and meeting the strictest international standards recently. The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev honoured the inauguration of the football arena unparalleled in Azerbaijan in technical terms and good to accommodate approximately 15 thousand people.

Now the Khazar-Lenkoran Football Club owned by PALMALI has the grounds of its own where to welcome opponents. The club, which aspires to the champion’s cup, can host major international matches and tournaments thanks to its fine new football grounds, even.

The company organises charitable events for orphanages, physically handicapped people, internally displaced people, and WWII and Karabakh War veterans every year. For example, the family members of martyr of 20 January events were provided with the aid worth $100 thousand.

Moreover, Palmali has been organising and funding the recreation seasons in Shuvelyan for the IDP children from the encampment in Sabirabad for two years now.

The company undertook to supply the orphanage in Lenkoran with school text-books. The Azerbaijani students in Turkey are not neglected, either; they all get the aid from PALMALI.

Acting via the channels of the Azerbaijani Culture and Solidarity Society in Turkey (headed by the PALMALI Group of Companies president Mubariz Mansimov), the company had published and then distributed to the local schools and orphanages the home reading text-books. The Society also publishes the World of Azerbaijan Magazine in three languages; that magazine is distributed world-wide and tells the world about the wealth of history and culture of Azerbaijan. The goals of the magazine are to popularise our country and to attract tourists to it.

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