State Oil Company of Azerbaijan already numbers 23 filling stations under SOCAR brand in Georgia and builds new ones

Baku, Fineko/ State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) through its Socar Energy Georgia (SEG) LLC continues realizing its long-term plans on opening of petrol stations under SOCAR brand in Georgia.

SEG head Mair Mammadov says that the company already has own network in Georgia consisting of 23 filling stations.

In addition, we are constructing new petrol stations as well. The other day we will hold the official opening of a filling station in Adjara that already operates,” Mammadov said.

Following 2009 SOCAR intends to bring its network in Georgia up to 32-35 stations.

The Company met fully its plans on SOCAR brand network in Georgia.

Following 2008 SOCAR wanted to have 60% share at the Georgian market of retail sale of petrol and diesel fuel. At the same time SOCAR is the most dynamically developing network of petrol stations in Georgia.

The network will use by 80% petroleum products supplied from Baku and only high-octane petrol will be imported from other countries. Network of 19 petrol stations will allow increase sharply SOCAR’s share at the Georgian market of oil products.

SOCAR supplies to Georgia on average 20,000 tons of oil products a month, including 15,000 tons of petrol.

SOCAR investments in Georgia have exceeded $400 million. Through its subsidiary SOCAR intends to expand its activity on whole oil sector of Georgia. SOCAR has a 51% stake in Socar Energy Georgia LLC and the rest belongs to Georgian partners.



21.04.2009 15:27

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