Closing ceremony of Cultural Year “Baku- Islamic Culture Capital-2009” conducted in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ The closing ceremony of the Cultural Year “Baku- Islamic Culture Capital-2009” has been conducted in Azerbaijan today.

Culture & tourism minister Abulfaz Garayev says that the held business events proved that there was a great deal of reasons to award this rank to Baku.

“Speech is that Azerbaijani culture is indeed so rich and diverse that nobody hesitates to call Baku the capital of Islamic culture. On the contrary, we are proud that by preserving our culture and history we live here and now. We expect that international organizations’ opinions on the Cultural Year in the Azerbaijani capital will be positive and Baku will be presented as example for conducting of such year. Despite this cultural year has completed, our work is not finished with that. By government’s efforts this process will be continued. Azerbaijan will be open for everybody. We expect that after organization of this cultural year an interest towards Azerbaijan will increase much more,” the minister said.

According to Garayev, this year State Budget allocated 4 million manats for organization of the cultural year and they were spent rationally and with favor.


18.12.2009 13:36


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