Presentation of International Nuclear Information System took place in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Today Institute of Radiation Problems under National Science Academy of Azerbaijan has held a presentation of International Nuclear Information System (INIS).

INIS presents rich experience and large amount of information in nuclear sphere. It was created in April of 1970 and has become one of the most successful and universal information systems on peaceful usage of nuclear science and technique since then.

On 18 April 2011 INIS a new web-search interface for its documental fund. At present over 3.3 million of bibliography records and 280.000 full texts of non-traditional documents have been completely indexed for Internet search through Google-technologies. The Search collection increases speed of search and download, supports multilingual and standard search interfaces. It also introduces expanded search functions which provides following advantages :

•      Support of search on metadata in abstract spheres

•      Support of logical searches with the use of or /and/ no

•      Dynamic control of difficult searches

•      Dynamic simplified control of hard searches by adding or removing words

Besides the request is carried out with the use of standard search interface and divided into subuniverses  to expanded search. Possibility of integration with other systems: any query, built advanced search can be applied directly to any external widget to achieve the same results.

Since 2003 INIS centre has been operating under the Institute of Radiation Problems through which National Science Academy of Azerbaijan permanently receives information about new scientific achievements in nuclear research all over the world.

Within technical cooperation with IAEA Institute of Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan carries out projects for preparation of feasibility study to build a nuclear research reactor and create a gamma-emitting complex for sterilization of food products, medical supplies and tools, polymer and construction materials. Both projects are intended for 2009-10.



20.04.2011 16:37


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