Lieberman Software: 78% of IT specialists ready to steal corporate secrets

Baku, Fineko/ Lieberman Software Corporation has conducted assessment of business safety from its own IT services’ crimes.

The company reports that the researches demonstrated naivety of executives’ approaches to the risks born by IT specialists’ access to all information systems of the enterprise- hundreds of organizations stay vulnerable to their  staffs’ domestic threats. Under Lieberman Software Corporation’s survey 42% of IT departments’ specialists can easily get unsanctioned access to any confidential data of the company including higher management’s documents. The root of the problem is the naivety of the management’s beliefs on capacities really born by their IT departments’ privileged access to corporate information.

About 39% of interrogated technical specialists affirmed that their higher management has no idea on what they can get access and what not. Over 78% of respondents say that they can leave the office the next day taking the most important corporate data with them. But the most alarming is admission of one –third of respondents that they can most likely get access to confidential corporate information even a long time after their retirement form the company.

Commenting this research Philip Lieberman, President and Executive Director of Lieberman Software, said: " The companies should take into account that IT services have keys for their " kingdom" and nothing is secret for them until special systems and procedures are provided protecting confidential data from outward intervention. In old times the most important confidential data were locked in the cupboard and only one or two authorized persons had the keys to it. At present such data is also locked in a kind of virtual safe but the problem is that the companies do not know how many people have keys to it. Under the research carried management of most companies just does not understand the possibilities born by their IT specialists’ access to important corporate information. Even private data of top management are accessible to over 42% of IT – personnel. And what if these persons do not inspire confidence? In some cases it is really so and there is no point in being surprised in case of confidential data leakage".

Lieberman Software carried the survey during RSA 2011 and Infosecurity Europe 2011 conference. The research involved over 500 IT specialists as respondents. The full report is available on link.

" Lieberman Software’s research figures mostly reflect current state in the USA and West European countries. The situation in Eastern Europe and CIS countries is even more terrific ", -say the specialists of headtechnology company, leading distributor of IT solutions on information security in indicated regions commenting the survey results.

Lieberman Software is the company specializing on solutions for the privileged access and security control and management in the companies using several IT platforms. Thanks to automation of labor-intensive administrating tasks Lieberman products strengthen the control over computer infrastructure , lessen vulnerability of security systems, increase system productivity and promotes fulfillment of normative requirements. Being a pioneer in the area of solutions for privileged access management, the company has not only developed first program product in this field but also remains technical leader of this market segment. headtechnology Azerbaijan company ( is distributor of Lieberman Software’s solutions in Azerbaijan.


08.08.2011 13:06

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