Another 13 national standards approved in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/   13 new national standards have been approved and changes introduced to 2 existing standards.

State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan has reported that the new standards concern food production, construction materials and others.

The State Committee has approved the following standards:

AZS 594-2011" Material defects : Terms and definition", AZS 595-2011 (codex stan 98-1991) " Tinned goods production from minced meat", AZS 596-2011" Food Colaorants . terms and definition", AZS 597-2011" Pasta. Terms and definition", AZS 598-2011 (codex stan A-6-1978) "General  standards for cheese products manufacture" , AZS 600-2011 "Grounding and protection from electrical current", AZS 601-2011 (codex stan A-7-1971, Rev.2-2006) " Standards for «Zərdab» cheese production".

The report also says that the committee has also approved another 5 standards used in glass construction and 1 standard approving consumer polymer boxing.

Changes to AZS 009-94"  Gasified water. Technical conditions" and " Packaged drinking water. General specifications " have been introduced by the Committee’s another decision.




16.09.2011 16:49

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