Deals resumed at Organized Interbank Credit Market of Azerbaijan after a 2-month break

Baku, Fineko/abc.az. This year’s 12th  deal was concluded at the Organized Interbank Credit Market (OICM) in Bourse E-system of Trades (BEST) of the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (Azeri acronym: BBVB). It has become the first since 22 July 2011

BBVB reports that the deal in national currency for AZN 1 million was concluded under the rate of 5% for the term of 4 days on 29 September. As a result, today’s turnover totaled AZN 1 million. Turnover record for a day in 2010 was achieved on 1 April (AZN 17.568 million). On 19 September 2008 OICM turnover per day exceeded $27.8 million or AZN 22.959 million (the OICM entire history record), and on 1 April 2010 the record size of a deal ($20 million or AZN 16.068 million) was achieved.

OICM turnover in September  2011 still totals AZN 1 million versus its absence in August, AZN 12.5 million in July (this year’s best indicator for a month) , AZN 5.47 million in June, its full lack in May, AZN 8.5 million in April, AZN 1.5 million in March, AZN 1 million in February, its absence in January of the current year, AZN 21.8 million in April 2010 (last year’s record), AZN 29.29 million in February 2009 (that year’s record figure), and AZN 41.3 million in September 2008 (record of turnover per month for five-year history of OICM), AZN 16.6 million of the 2007 turnover record in October, and AZN 4.875 million of the 2006 turnover record in December.

OICM turnover for 2011 still makes AZN 29.973 million versus AZN 71.76 million (on 33 deals) in 2010, 122.07 million on 71 deals in 2009, AZN 251.829 million on 150 deals in 2008, AZN 57.855 million on 64 deals in 2007 under average rate of 14.49%, AZN 34.984 million on 74 deals in 2006, AZN 9.148 million on 30 deals in 2005, AZN 6.398 million on 29 deals in 2004. In 2003, OICM turnover totaled only $6,000.


29.09.2011 17:31

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