Updated CloudServer launches new possibilities on infrastructure management

Baku, Fineko/ ActiveCloud company , part of Softline group of companies, is ready to announce that updated version of CloudServer service has become available since 29 September 2011- leasing of calculable powers for creating infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in " cloud".

" Now, thanks to per second tariffication and a chance to independently increase and reduce resources our clients control service and carry out complete control over expenditures. Maximal productivity is provided due to the use of 16 processor bases and up to 48 GB memory (up to 96 GB on special request) per 1 virtual machine. At that there are no restrictions to the number of virtual machines",- the report says.

The process of CloudServer order and installation has been simplified to the limit. Thanks to visual slider by means of which it is possible to choose one among over 300 performance tuning combinations it is only enough to :

•      Select operation system (Windows Web Server, Windows 2008 Standard, Windows Enterprise, Windows Datacenter, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and others.);

•      Indicate parameters of virtual machine (RAM volume, number of CPU physical nuclei , type of data storage system (DSS).

Virtual machines are automatically activated. In future convenient web-interface will enable to manage servers and change configurations in real time regime.

" The important peculiarity of CloudServer is possibility to choose type of data storage system (DSS) on the basis of blocks from SATA, SAS and SSD-discs :" Standard"- to store statistical data and operation system, " Fast"- for database, web-servers and applications, " Ultra"- for high-rate projects and systems",- the report says.

Particular attention has been attached to safety. Besides use of virtual network for each client (VLAN), data mirroring and reserve copying (snap-shots) , web-interface CloudServer provides an opportunity to install high-availability cluster with different  algorithms of  loading balancing in a few minutes. These functions enable to provide operation continuity of any-level business.

CloudServer’s advantages are:

•      processes of creation and cloning of virtual machine or the whole infrastructure are fully automated

•      the possibility to quickly and easily increase the server capacity in peak loading periods as well as reduce capacities in   recession periods thus saving money

•      per second rating with reports enables detailed control of expenditures

•      high SLA level and administrating guarantee service reliability

interface of supplement programming (API) makes it possible to automate all infrastructure management processes through regular development means : PHP, Java, Ruby and others

" CloudServer is perfect for placement of content-projects, databases and business supplements , such as 1С, Sharepoint and others. In order to organize access to desktop-supplements this solution is supplemented by accompanying ActiveCloud service  - Desktop as a  service (DaaS) providing  round-the clock access to the client’s work place, documents and supplements from any point of the world where there is Internet",- the report says.

In order to assess new service the company ensures full demonstration access with time limit of use under the request.

" Special proposal: during non-recurrent payment of 5.000 units and over additional 500 units are calculated on your account. When ordering 10000 units you get free 1000 units as bonus",- the report says.


04.10.2011 15:53


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