Threat of nuclear sites’ bombing did not cause panic in Iran

Baku, Fineko/ Threat of nuclear sites’ bombing has not caused panic among the population of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Eye-witnesses report that IAEA’s report of military direction of Iran’s nuclear program and public discussion of terms and schemes of this country’s 17 nuclear sites’ bombing have triggered muted reaction among Iran population. The matter in fact was limited to women’s meetings in traditional places of people meetings – on Azadi square and near former USA Embassy.

" Unlike the first round of "vigorous discussion " on Iran’s nuclear policy when in fact , refugees began fleeing from the country there is no such mood in Iran now. Most eye-witnesses associate it with radical change of the situation. If at the beginning of the confrontation Iran did not have technologies of nuclear weapon production now the country obviously has such opportunities (even western military circles know of it) and in case of foreign aggression it is not going to restrain itself in their application",- the source noted.

IAEA’s report will be fully published on 18 November and according to British media’s data Israel is going to strike blows to Iran already on Catholic Christmas.


12.11.2011 09:07


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