Russia calls terms of upgrade of ‘antimissile’ Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Russia has unveiled terms of full modernization of Gabala radar station (information-analytical center Daryal, according to the official documents), part of its long-range early warning of missile launches.

General director of the Radio Engineering Institute n.a. Academician A.L.Mints Vladimir Savchenko, construction of new radar unit Voronezh-VP of high operational compatibility in Gabala is scheduled for completion in 2019. This station will replace the radar station of previous generation Daryal.

Russia also upgrades “antimissile" radar units on its own territory.

"In Pechora we should start such a project in 2015 and in Murmansk in 2017," Savchenko said.

The lease term of the Gabala-based radar station by Russia expires in 2012. At that, the parties have already begun consultations on the issue of extending the lease of the military facility. Russia has offered Azerbaijan a version with modernization of the station.

"Speech is of a high potential metre-band station with high operational compatibility - Voronezh-VP. As for terms, the plan says of 2017-19, but it all depends on the goodwill of our esteemed neighbors – the arrangements will be secured finally on a political level," Savchenko said.

The Russian Radio Engineering Institute is the sole supplier of such VHF radars as Voronezh-VP which along with UHF radar Voronezh-DM will form by 2020 the Russian promising system of early warning of missile attack.



12.12.2011 09:18


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