Rate of persons injured in Baku due to weather conditions increased 2.5 fold over past day

Baku, Fineko/ Frost, snowfall and gusty wind in Azerbaijan yesterday led to an increase in the number of people injured on the roads of Baku by 2.5 times.

Baku Ambulance Service’s chief physician Mursal Hamidov says that yesterday the number of calls to them declined and reached 1,262 calls to patients, of whom 165 people were hospitalized.

"In general, the number of calls over the past day decreased. Among the callers 102 people got traumas of various kinds and 42 of them received injuries in connection with ice-slick, including 61 and 29 people respectively were hospitalized. 17 people suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and 11 of them were brought to the hospital," Hamidov noted.

He added that now the Ambulance Service’s main problem is roads.

"We have no problem with the number of required ambulance cars, doctors, medicines and other things. Our only problem is condition of roads. If the roads are cleared, we will be able to work normally and reach the sick on time,” Hamidov emphasized.



09.02.2012 11:31


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