Iran has ‘ignited’ extended Middle East

Baku, Fineko/ Iran has put into reality an old promise that in case of pressure upon the country increases, it will block the Strait of Hormuz. Implementation of the Strait blocking plan has already started by classical methods of the "Arab spring".

Realizing clearly that interests of the Persian Gulf Sunni monarchies are behind intensification of pressure upon it and its closest supporter Syria, Iran has decided to oppose a "Shi’ite card" to it - mobilization for protest movements in the Shiite Diaspora of the Gulf.

The most convenient place to launch a "campaign" was Shiite Bahrain, where not simply the Sunni dynasty is ruling, but the U.S. fleet is based.

As a result, yesterday in Bahrain’s capital Manama the demonstrators attempted to occupy the main square. After a march through the city, the demonstrators transferred from slogans to throwing stones and flame bombs at police, which used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of participants of the action. The first act of Bahrain "intifada" remained behind the police, but this is only the beginning.

Yesterday, a car of the ambassador of Israel was blown up in India and in Tbilisi it was defused a bomb outside the Israeli embassy. Everything indicates that this is only a test of strength, and in the process of pressurizing Iran will use over and over again its supporters’ successful experience in the last Lebanese war of Hezbollah with Israel. Extended treatment of Iran’s concept of "Middle East" makes a huge area from the Caucasus to Egypt, Somalia and Sudan along the meridian and from Turkey to India on parallel a battlefield.

The ideas of bombing the Iranian nuclear facilities and invasion into Iran under these circumstances lose all sense. Traditions of "quiet" wars with use of killers and terrorists, as we would say now, worked out in the region since the times of Ismaillit assassins, and there is not seen yet a kind of Genghis Khan, who finished with those "knights of cloak and dagger", by cutting them from young to old, besides international law will not tolerate genocide.


14.02.2012 09:29


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