Liberation of Baku from snow marked by 10-hour traffic jams

Baku, Fineko/ Snow which has laid in Baku for a week has almost completely melted, and vehicle traffic on roads stopped – a 10-hour traffic jam was recorded for the first time in history of Baku on the exit road from the city.

Kamran Aliyev, the head of the Public Relations Office of the Main Traffic Police Department (DYP) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, says that Baku jams are linked with weather conditions.

"The main cause of yesterday’s jams was melting of snow and the fact that most of the cars, whose owners did not use private transport during the black frost period, appeared on roads again," Aliyev said.

The traffic police have fallen out of a habit to work in emergency regime during the black frost term. Yesterday it required from 6 to 10 hours for traveling on the straight line from Azadlig Avenue/Heydar Aliyev Street to Binagadi settlement.

The jam began forming from 5:30 pm, and traffic police started trying to "pull apart" it from only 8 pm. In the end, by 10 pm speed of traffic on the distance grew from zero up to 5 km per hour. It took another few hours to make the jam to melt away finally.


14.02.2012 10:27


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