Next year Azerbaijan to have a chance to exercise in winter kinds of sport

Baku, Fineko/ Youth and Sport Ministry of Azerbaijan thinks that winter complex Shahdag  is currently not ready for holding international sport competitions.

Youth and Sport Minister Azad Rahimov reported that Azerbaijan is not planning to hold ski competitions in Shahdag winter complex next year.

" To hold winter sport competitions we should preliminarily have talks with the World Freestyle, Ski Sport and Snowboard Federation. The World Federation has a schedule, calendar plan in accord with which we should submit application for holding competitions. First of all we should show that we are able to hold competitions as not only snow and ski mountain elevators are needed for this, there should also be  equipped hotels for the sportsmen to stay. That is why I think it is still early to speak of holding competitions in Shahdag winter complex. We would like to have a chance to exercise there next year ",- he noted.




23.02.2012 15:50


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