IAEA sent oil prices to the sky- over $125 per barrel versus $150 per barrel record

Baku, Fineko/ International agency on Atom Energy IAEA has become the main player of the world oil market.

Hardly had  IAEA announced sharp acceleration of uranium enrichment process in Iran yesterday than oil prices for Brent type rose up to $125.47 per barrel which has become the highest indicator since 29 April 2011. the usually more reserved prices for WTI (Light Sweet) oil did not avoid rising by $1.94 either—up to  $109.77 per barrel.

In such conditions when IAEA is not planning to reduce picking degree with Iran and Saudi Arabia considers even " Syrian friends " to be compounders and insists on military invasion to overthrow Syrian regime, there are only 2 main issues remaining at world oil market- " whether oil prices will reach $150 per barrel?" and " how soon will it happen ?".

The possibility of such a scenario is so high that the USA started preparing the consumer for the fact that gallon of petrol will cost on average not $4, but already $5-6 and more.



25.02.2012 09:09


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