Banks already put offices, warehouses, lands for public sale

Baku, Fineko/ The portal on sales of the collateral by banks on non-implemented loan agreements, presented in third decade of May, has lived through restructuring of supply which impacted exposed lots.

Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association (ARPA), which has launched the project, reports that from 18 January the supply at portal fell from 75 to 72 lots. At present  there are 46 proposals on real property and 26 on cars at There are no proposals on equipment and business sales yet.

" At that offers for 2 offices, 2 warehouses, 6 trade-service points and 14 land plots have appeared in real property section ",- the report says. The most expensive land plot is estimated at AZN 700.000.

The  proposals were made by Azcoll collector Company  and three banks-  UniBank, AGBank and DemirBank.

Through the portal the banks will be able to publish the information on the mortgaged property set for sale. The placement will be carried out on a fee basis. At that, the portal will not bring buyers and sellers to contact - it requires only the availability of a special brokerage company. However, ARPA partner law firm CLC will provide legal support of possible deals. The firm specializes in operations of such kind.

In the portal the collateral set for sale is divided into 4 groups - real estate, vehicles, equipment and businesses which are in turn divided into various categories. The portal is open for registration on it and placement of orders for sales of the mortgage.



10.03.2012 11:34

Tags: ARPA, girov

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