Caspian Telecom claimed leadership at Azerbaijan’s ICT market

Baku, Fineko/ Caspian Telecom (CASTEL) IT company has summed up results of its activity after amalgamation with Aile TV cable operator.

Director of Caspian Telecom Company Fuad Allahverdiyev has reported that in consequence of conducted reforms since 2010 Caspian Telecom has become one of Azerbaijan’s progressive companies.

" CASTEL is presently the company having one of the finest and widest optic fiber networks in Azerbaijan Republic. The Central Bank, AGBank, Nikoil Bank, Access Bank, Kapital Bank and about 11 commercial banks operating in Azerbaijan, a number of business structures , some hotels are CASTEL’s partners and clients and get permanent high quality service ",- F. Allahverdiyev said. State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) is also the company’s partner.

" CASTEL renders ICT services to private and state companies, some state bodies and leading banks of Azerbaijan. The range of services offered by the company includes optic fiber Internet, installation of optic fiber lines, installation and provision of access in SWIFT, access to the system, network safety and monitoring ",- F. Allahverdiyev noted.

In his words CASTEL uses the most advanced technologies in its activity using support and sale of telecommunication equipment and software.

" At the same time the company acts as system integrator and is official partner of large international companies like  CISCO",- F. Allahverdiyev noted.

He added that the company was established in 1997 and in 2010 incorporated in Aile TV and became its member.

" Founders changed in course of incorporation and significant reforms oriented on reorganization and increase of work efficiency were conducted inside the company. Important work was carried out to improve the quality of services offered by the company ",- the Company Director said.

He also reported that CASTEL is official partner of SWIFT in Azerbaijan.

"Being official partner of SWIFT, our company offers a range of services such as installation of SWIFT server, installation of SWIFT reserve server, as well as access and support of SWIFT system. Our services also include migration for new releases, problem solution, servicing of the client’s equipment and servers",- F. Allahverdiyev said.

In his words CASTEL is the company having one of the widest fiber optic network in Azerbaijan.  It enables to install connection in any pint of the country and provide uninterrupted and high quality communication services.

" At the same time it helps us to quickly react to clients’ requests. Besides, main distinctive feature of the company is flexible and advantageous approach to price policy. CASTEL also participates in various ICT exhibitions throughout the world and regularly applies these technologies in its work. Our company’s priority is introduction of the most advanced technologies ",- the Company Director stressed.



15.03.2012 15:53


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