Azerbaijan’s transition to 12-year secondary education to require new curricula, plans and textbooks

Baku, Fineko/ State Student Admission Commission support idea of transition to a 12-year secondary education.

SSAC Chairperson Maleyka Abbaszadeh has reported that it will promote to upgrade of education system.

" I offer to seriously approach this issue. Transition to 12-year education system does not mean only extension of schooling term for another year.  Education system is very difficult and the transition should be carried out gradually. Already today we should determine which classes’ pupils will study 12 years, whether these will be children going to school this year or pupils presently studying in primary classes ",-she noted.

According to M. Abbaszadeh it should be determined at least 3-5 years in advance to first graduation of 12-year school as at that education plans, textbooks and training aids are to be reconsidered and their preparation will require a long time.

" As for male applicants who will be 18 after leaving secondary school when passing to 12-year education system they will be naturally provided a chance to participate in entrance exams to universities ",- M. Abbaszadeh said.


16.03.2012 16:55

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