Azerbaijan plans to stop training of teachers in vocational schools

Baku, Fineko/ The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan intends to establish a staffing & training center.

According to the Ministry, the center, creation of which is scheduled for 2012/13 academic year will have modern infrastructure.

The Ministry’s Institute of Education is also conducting work on purpose-oriented re-training of multidiscipline teachers and analysis of the education contingent staffing.

It was also envisaged to include in the software the information base of documents on education of graduates of universities and specialized secondary vocational schools in the year of competition, as well as the connection of graduate’s "identification card number" indicated in the e-application for job to the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan.

The software will be complemented by two more modules – receipt of repeated e-applications remaining upon completion of the competition for available vacancies and a module of additional sending for the remaining vacant jobs.

It is also planned to organize training of multidiscipline teacher staff for higher educational institutions, as well as termination of teacher training based on secondary special education. The rules of teacher employment will be registered at the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan.


30.03.2012 12:20

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