Pasha Sigorta strengthened leadership at Azerbaijan’s insurance market

Baku, Fineko/ Azerbaijani insurance company Pasha Sigorta keeps on leading at Azerbaijani insurance market on the size of premiums.

The State Insurance Supervision Service under the Ministry of Finance reports that in January-March total volume of premiums of all 28 insurance companies in the country made AZN 81.637 million and payments AZN 16.629 million.

In January-March 2012 the market leaders on premiums were PASHA Sigorta (AZN 23.098 million), AzSigorta (AZN 7.676 million), Atesgah ( AZN 7.26 million), Atesgah Heyat (AZN 6.784 million), Azersigorta (AZN 5.181 million), A-Qroup ( AZN 4.409 million), International Insurance Company ( AZN 3.87 million),  , AXA MBASK (AZN 3.841 million), Ata Sigorta ( AZN 3.514million) and Xalq Sigorta (AZN 2.577 million).

In January –March 2012 payments of Pasha Sigorta company made AZN 4.486 million, Azersigorta (AZN 1,618 million), Atesgah (AZN 1,557 million), International Insurance Company (AZN 1,457 million), AXA MBASK (AZN 1,276 million), A-Group (AZN 1,14 million). Payments of other insurance companies did not exceed AZN 1 million.

Following 2011 the leaders on compensation payments were Azersigorta with AZN 24.19 million premiums. Then followed Az Sigorta (AZN 15.6 million), Ateshgah (AZN 14.57 million), PASHA Sigorta (AZN 13.05 million), and  Ipek Yolu Sigorta (AZN 12.1 million).

International Insurance Company held the sixth position with premiums of AZN 10.18 million. Totally 27 insurers of the country gathered AZN 155.59 million of premiums for the reported period.

As for compensations, the leaders were Azersigorta (AZN 10.71 million), Ateshgah (AZN 5.26 million), A-Qroup (AZN 5.24 million), International Insurance Company (AZN 5.14 million), Azal Sigorta (AZN 4.08 million). Overall compensation payments of 27 insurers reached AZN 53.8 million.



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