International Labor Organization sounded the alarm on protection of "green" economy employees

Baku, Fineko/ International Labor Organization (ILO) has become almost first international organization, making a stand against " green fascism" when all ecologic factors are taken under protection, but for the man himself.

On the eve of Universal Labor Protection Day (28 April) ILO has published a report " Promotion of labor protection in "green" economy". The organization points out that "green" economy has become the symbol of more sustainable economy and society striving to preserve environment for future generations. Transfer to "green" economy, creating "green" job places and "vegetating " industry and industrial processes has become the key element on the way to achieving ecologically stable economic and social development. But the technologies, applied on some "green" job places can protect the environment , but not be safe.

" With development of "green" economy it is extremely important to integrate labor protection issues in the policy on creation of "green" job places. Te point at issue is also introduction of risk assessment and management measures in analysis of life cycle of all "green" job places. It is necessary to combine the employees’ health protection and safety with environmental protection to provide complex approach to reach sustainable development ",- ILO noted.

Full version of the report in Russian language is available on the link :



17.04.2012 14:15


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