In January –March real GDP in Azerbaijan grew by 0.5% with rise of nominal volume by 9.8%

Baku, Fineko/ In March 2012 Azerbaijan’s GDP made up only 109.6% of February’s index (AZN 3.91 bn), and the record index for 2011 and entire history of the country was registered in October 2011 (AZN 6.106 bn).

The State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan (SSCA) informs that in January –March country’s GDP totaled AZN 12.289 bn or $15.555 bn in accord with reported term’s average exchange rate of AZN 0.79 to the US dollar that in comparable prices is by 0.5% more than GDP for January-March  2011 (AZN 11.197 bn). In March GDP totaled AZN 4.287 bn against AZN 3.9 bn in February, AZN 4.091 bn in January. In January-March 2012 GDP grew by 9.75% versus 17.9% for 2011 and 16.8% for 2010.

For comparison last year GDP was AZN 50.069 bn or AZN $63.378 bn which is by 0.1% more than GDP for 2010 (AZN 42.465 bn). In December 2011 GDP was AZN 4.59 bn versus AZN 4.786 bn in November and AZN 6.106 bn in October- absolute record for the entire history.

In January-March, GDP per capita totaled AZN 1.346 ($ 1.711) adding AZN 469.2 ($596.6) in March, versus AZN 5.530.6 (($7.003,4)  in 2011 and AZN 4,653.3 ($5,797.8) in 2010. The GDP deflator index for January-March was +9.3% versus 11% in January-March 2011.

In January-March added value in manufacture made up AZN 7.538 bn (61.3% of GDP), in agriculture AZN 249.9 million, construction AZN 599.2 million, transport AZN 553.9 million, communications AZN 194.4 million, wholesale and retail trade AZN 804.3 million, and social services AZN 1.332 bn.

The share of production sector in GDP structure was 68.6% (AZN 8.4 bn) with added value decrease by 2%, the share of services 24.9% (AZN 3.054 bn) with added value rise of 5.5% and net production and import taxes 6.5% (AZN 802.4 million ) with rise by 6.7%.


17.04.2012 16:46


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