Azerbaijan to present soon new contactless payment technology Mastercard PayPass

Baku, Fineko/ Contactless payment technology Mastercard PayPass is to be presented soon at the Azerbaijani market of cashless payments.

Mastercard reports that contactless payments are already popular around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, France and Turkey.

"We work with banks of Azerbaijan to make fast, convenient and secure MasterCard PayPass technology to become available to residents of Baku this year, and the results of the study show that it will be regarded positively. We also continue developing our payment systems to provide customers with the best service - convenient and secure," says Hakan Akar, regional manager of MasterCard in Azerbaijan.

Through this technology, it is possible to pay by the same card the fare in the subway in New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other cities, without buying tickets.

Results of the research conducted by the Company shows that the residents of Baku are ready accept and use all the advantages of innovative payment technologies for business and personal needs.



21.04.2012 12:02

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