The Qatar Investment Authority: investments in commodity assets in 2012 are profitable

Baku, Fineko/ The Qatar Investment Authority (Sovereign Wealth Fund) has announced an investment program for 2012.

QIA Executive Board Hussein al-Abdullah has claimed that the Fund plans to invest $30 billion in 2012, considering commodity assets the key area for investment.

"Partly because of the financial crisis, investors have stopped investing enough money in commodities, and it is possible that this trend may lead to an imbalance of supply and demand in 2016 and 2017, which will only push prices up," Mr. al-Abdullah said.

He points out that commodity prices are steadily increasing since 2002.

"QIA strategy is simple – to use the opportunities as they arise. If there appears a good opportunity for successful investment, in France or Rwanda, we’ll go there," he added.

At the same time QIA is interested to make direct investments in African assets.

"QIA total assets are exceed much $100 billion," Mr. al-Abdullah said.

QIA was founded in 2005 for the storage of oil and gas revenues and their investing in international markets.



23.04.2012 09:16


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