Infrastructural norms of educational establishments approved in Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has approved " Norms of material technical base of educational establishment and education infrastructure " developed in compliance with the law " On education".

According to the document , land plots allocated for projecting of pre school educational establishments should locate at the territories far from main hghways, municppal and industrial facilities. Pre school should be designed for 140 children, place for chidlren of 1 year old should be 7.5 sq m per child and pre school age children- 9 sq m. Playground of pre school educational establishments designed for less than 150 places should be at least 250 sq m and pre school educational establishments designed for more than 150 places should have two playgrounds 150 sq m  and 250 sq m respectively. In educational establishments designed for over 140 places a swimming pool can be created assumed for teaching swimming.

At the territories allocated for projecting of pre school educational establishments it is not allowed to place equipment which is the source of sound, vibration and electromagnetic pulse.

The area of educational establishments that can be projected as large complex, should be calculated on the basis of 16 to 50 sq m per each pupil depending on the number of pupils.

It is necessary to assume location of educational establishments, educational studies and labs, librarires, assembly halls and other necessary studies in specialzed educational establishments.

The buildings of specialized educational establishemnts should be located at the territory far from roads at 25 metres distance.

Depending on land plot allocated for projecting of high educational establishment and the number of students and their specialties plan of the building and number of floors is determined. At that 50% of territory allocated for construction of educational establishment should be given for green areas, 25%- for training zone, sport zone should be located at the distance of 25 km from the green areas , rest zone should be far from economic area and be surrounded by gardens.



24.04.2012 17:47

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