Education Ministry of Azerbaijan claimed it is not involved in publishing of school day books with 12 pages of advertisement

Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Education Ministry of Azerbaijan claims that it is not involved in publishing of school day books with 12 pages of advertisement for pupils of I-V forms.

Head of the Ministry’s Publication and Textbook Department Faig Shahbazli has reported that the Ministry also received information on publishing of new school day books with advertisement content.

" We were not engaged in it. The day books are published by Şərq-Qərb printing house and it is better to learn information from them as the day books have not been published on our order. We do not have any information. I can say that placement of advertisement information in textbooks and school aids is illegal ",- he noted.

Şərq-Qərb printing house also gave no information on circulation and orderer of such day books containing 12 pages of advertisement of a whole range of famous brands and commercial agencies of the country. But the fact remains- most part of younger pupils of the country have already received day books for next academic year at the price of AZN 0.8 per "booklet" (or daybook).



27.04.2012 18:05


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