World’s largest KFC restaurant opened in Baku

Baku, Fineko/ The world’s largest KFC restaurant with area of 1,600 sq m has opened in historic site of Baku - in a building of Sabunchu rail station, one of the greatest and most beautiful buildings in Baku, which was built in 1926.

According to KFC, the KFC’s new restaurant has 300 seats and it is planned to sell about 1.4 million meals a year. Out of 18,000 KFC restaurants in 120 countries, a restaurant in Baku is the largest restaurant.

"KFC franchise partner in Azerbaijan is AFK Ltd has invested 3 million euro in restoration of nearly destroyed building. Now, thanks to KFC, this architectural work of art will appear in all its glory and become a kind of bridge between culture and development of Azerbaijan of the past and the current century," it was reported.

Oleg Pisklov, general manager of YUM! Restaurants International Russia (brands KFC and Pizza Hut in Russia and the CIS), also said that the new KFC has become the 202nd restaurant in Russia and the CIS.

"It is unique in every sense - it is the largest KFC restaurant in the world. It was opened at the historic site - completely preserved and renovated building of Sabunchu railway station. Also, it is exceptional in its technical characteristics. We are very grateful to our partner for this outstanding restaurant," Pisklov said.

An electrical substation installed in the restaurant can operate regularly up to 15 hours during a power outage. A water filtration station with capacity of 5.5 tons with a 15-ton underground tank enables the restaurant to operate autonomously up to 24 hours.

"I am delighted that this building which is unique from an architectural point of view recovered its former appearance. For us it was very important to preserve the historic look of the building, equipping it with the most modern systems of electricity and water supply. The restaurant will be fully complied with all the international standards of KFC quality and service,” AFK general director Yalchin Namazov said.



29.10.2012 12:59

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