iPhone 5 is on sale for $1400 in Baku

Baku, Fineko/ Azerbaijani company NLT Telecom has presented Apple iPhone 5 for $1400in in its trading network.

The Company officially announced the price for these devices in the amount of AZN 1,099 apiece.

The first sale of iPhone 5 started on 21 September in the U.S., and their informal sales started in Baku on 28 September.

The first 100 smartphones Apple iPhone 5 were sold within 15 minutes in Alma Store, World Telecom, Irshad Telecom, DNS, NLT, Computex and other networks, specializing in high-tech equipment. Taking into account the fact that the new smartphone model uses only nano SIM-cards, Caspian Mobile presented special equipment for making a SIM-card in nano SIM-card to the first five dealers engaged in sales of smartphones.

"Currently, all smartphones Apple iPhone 5 sold officially in Azerbaijan function without any technical problems. The whole batch of smartphones designed for official sale in Azerbaijan has already been sold," Ahmadov said then, not indicating prices for the model.

For comparison, the price of iPhone 5 in the U.S. without a contract with the mobile operator is about $800 and in Europe 680-700 euro. Azerbaijan has previously assumed that the device will be sold in Baku initially at the price of 1,500 manats.


02.11.2012 12:45

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