Azerbaijani students displeased with grading of their knowledge

Baku, Fineko/ The hotline of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan received 613 hits this November.

Citizens’ appeals to the Ministry’s hotline were of reference nature and concerned secondary special education, organization of educational process in universities, assessment of knowledge of pupils and students, and fee for education. The rest appeals related to hourly lesson division between teachers, payroll rules, rules of transfer of payment for students studying in foreign universities on the state line, etc.

Due to the shortcomings in work of secondary schools and pre-school institutions there were received 63 appeals, 24 of which were received on Baku, 5 on Ganja, and the rest on Absheron, Geranboy, Tovuz, Gazakh, Gabala, Bilasuvar, and other regions of the country.

In November, 22 appeals were associated with activity of universities, and 8 of them concerned state and 2 private high schools.

The complaints were linked with students’ discontent with assessment of their knowledge and appeal on increase of knowledge grading, delay with issue of diplomas, payment of education of students educating in foreign universities at the expense of the state organizations.

Education Ministry’s hotline operates on phone numbers: 496-34-82, 496-37-61; e-mail:


18.12.2012 17:36


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