Dr.Web for Android outstepped five million downloads border at Google Play

Baku, Fineko/ Doctor Web , Russian developer of information safety service announces of next  plank set by free and paid versions of  Dr.Web  for Android  product. Over the last two months, Dr.Web has been installed over one million times on Android smart phones and tablet PCs.

The anti-virus is getting more and more popular among Android users. According to Doctor Web, the twenty-fold increase in the number of threats to the mobile platform in 2011 was mostly responsible for this swell in user interest. Trojan horses sending paid short messages without user consent dominate the ranks of Android malware. Programs that steal confidential information and backdoors that enable criminals to remotely execute commands on a compromised device are also common phenomena.

Currently three Dr.Web applications are available on Google Play: Dr.Web for Android Light freeware, the commercial Dr.Web anti-virus for Android (featuring anti-spam and anti-theft), and the free Dr.Web 7.0 beta for Android taking advantage of "cloud" technologies.

Dr.Web 7.0 for Android can be used on mobile devices running Android 2.1 and later versions. In addition to the modified interface, users can also take advantage of the new Cloud Checker component which utilizes cloud technology. It’s no secret that devices often get infected after a user clicks on a malignant link. The Cloud Checker module is designed to check links opened by a user in their browser. Any link a user clicks on is automatically transferred to a cloud service for verification as to whether the target site is malicious or features objectionable content. If a threat is detected, access to the link is blocked.

You can download Dr.Web 7.0 beta for Android free of charge on Google Play.


10.04.2012 17:59

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