Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund to keep on cutting its transfer to State Budget
Baku, Fineko/ The size of transfers from the State oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) to the State Budget is going to decrease.
read more   19.11.2015 15:44
Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund plans to increase investments in shares
Baku, Fineko/ The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) plans to increase the investment portfolio on shares.
read more   19.11.2015 15:22
Azerbaijan’s hospitality & catering industry remains most attractive for investments
Baku, Fineko/ The sector of hospitality and catering remains the most attractive industry of the economy of Azerbaijan for investments.
read more   19.11.2015 14:32
Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund hopes to prevent decline of its assets in 2016
Baku, Fineko/ The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) hopes to prevent the decline of its assets in 2016, despite the planned budget deficit.
read more   19.11.2015 12:08
Direct investments in Azerbaijan’s oil sector grow year-on-year with their decline in other sectors
Baku, Fineko/ The oil sector, which determined direct investments in Azerbaijan between January and February and in August and lost this status between March and September
read more   19.11.2015 11:55
Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund – world’s 7th sovereign fund on Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index
Baku, Fineko/ The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) strives to the maximum operational transparency.
read more   19.11.2015 11:15
Procedure established for certification for investment services and investment company management
Baku, Fineko/ The State Securities Committee continues forming the regulatory framework for full implementation of the Law on Securities Market in Azerbaijan.
read more   19.11.2015 09:31
Investments in Azerbaijan drop by 1.9% year-on-year
Baku, Fineko/ In October investments in Azerbaijani economy decreased by 2% compared with September 2015.
read more   18.11.2015 17:25
First time since January foreign investments defined in October capital investments in Azerbaijani economy
Baku, Fineko/ Foreign investments, for the first time from January 2015, defined in October the capital investments in the Azerbaijani economy.
read more   17.11.2015 17:17
Azerbaijan creates a database on stock market
Baku, Fineko/ CJSC Baku Stock Exchange has marked its 15th anniversary by introduction of its new corporate website from 16 November.
read more   16.11.2015 14:10
54 of 57 potential members signed Articles of Agreement on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Baku, Fineko/ The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) proposed by China, continues to solve organizational issues.
read more   14.11.2015 10:42
UniCapital seizes leader position among Baku Stock Exchange brokers in October
Baku, Fineko/ In October broker Pasha Capital (Paşa Kapital) lost its leadership in the ranking of brokers at the government securities market (with the exception of repo operations market) at the Baku Stock Exchange
read more   12.11.2015 16:35
Derivative tools keep on defining Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover
Baku, Fineko/ Derivative tools continued defining Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover for Jan-Oct.
read more   12.11.2015 16:30
EBRD: net inflow of foreign direct investments to ensure economic growth in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), which has recently published Transition Report, says of direct dependence of Azerbaijan’s economic growth from the net inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI).
read more   11.11.2015 11:35
Regulatory requirements established for external auditors licensed at securities market
Baku, Fineko/ The regulatory framework by which the investment companies of Azerbaijan are guided is under expansion.
read more   11.11.2015 09:20

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