Bank of Baku OJSC listed at BSE
Baku, Fineko/ The securities of Bank of Baku OJSC have been listed at the Baku Stock Exchange since July06, 2015.
read more   06.07.2015 18:01
Oil Fund of Azerbaijan increased investments in BNP Paribas 266.2-fold
Baku, Fineko/abc. The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) has increased its investments in the financial market’s funds 9.7-fold.
read more   06.07.2015 10:43
World Bank supports early implementation of law on securities market in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The World Bank believes in further prospects of the Azerbaijan stock market’s development.
read more   04.07.2015 11:55
Global bubble and 100 million of people’s investors
Baku, Fineko/ Capitalization of the Chinese stock market has fallen almost by $3 trillion that can be compared with the collective debt of France, Italy and Greece.
read more   04.07.2015 10:07
State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan started investing in Chinese bonds on 1 July
Baku, Fineko/ The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) is not afraid of 20% fall at the Chinese equity market and starts investing in yuans.
read more   03.07.2015 11:15
China collapsed: stock indices are about to fall to -30%
Baku, Fineko/ The Chinese stock market cannot be considered as a market (whatever this word could mean) any longer.
read more   03.07.2015 10:26
Muğanbank shares placement to start on July 7
Baku, Fineko/ The Baku Stock Exchange CJSC starts placement of Muğanbank OJSC shares.
read more   02.07.2015 16:18
Asian Development Bank congratulated AIIB with another milestone in its development
Baku, Fineko/ The founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) have signed today the Articles Agreement.
read more   29.06.2015 17:09
Goldman Sachs: Ukraine will default before July 24
Baku, Fineko/ Goldman Sachs analysts expect that Ukraine will default in July.
read more   25.06.2015 14:05
On 25 June Finex to start sales of 14% interest-bearing bonds
Baku, Fineko/ Non-banking credit organizations of Azerbaijan expand issuing currency bonds.
read more   22.06.2015 16:56
Leading Azerbaijani insurers start to expand capital base
Baku, Fineko/ Leading Azerbaijani insurers start to expand their capital base.
read more   17.06.2015 12:45
Non-banking credit organizations expand currency bond issue
Baku, Fineko/ Non-banking credit organizations expand issue of currency bonds in Azerbaijan.
read more   17.06.2015 12:28
IMF allows that SOFAZ assets can increase
Baku, Fineko/ IMF allows that the assets of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) can increase.
read more   16.06.2015 17:33
Deutsche Bank about to suffer same fate as Lehman Brothers
Baku, Fineko/ American specialists believe that Deutsche Bank is about to suffer the same fate as Lehman Brothers, the bankruptcy of which officially initiated the global crisis of 2007-2008.
read more   16.06.2015 09:23
Tadawul opened for foreigners: Saudi Arabia opens largest sale of assets
Baku, Fineko/ Saudi Arabia opened up its market (TADAWUL, Saudi Stock Exchange) to foreigners on June 15.
read more   16.06.2015 09:05

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