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Fitch: companies from emerging markets dominate among expected borrowers in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Baku, Fineko/ Fitch Ratings says that borrowers from emerging markets will be the most of the 10 companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), that will see the biggest increase in gross debt from the end of 2012 to 2014.
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Project of beach resort Water & Fire does not find its realization
Baku, Fineko/ The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan is looking for foreign investors for the construction of tourism complex Water & Fire in settlement Gilezi of Khizi region of Azerbaijan.
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EBRD bargains right to issue bonds in grivnas: Azerbaijani manats next in turn
Baku, Fineko/ The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development expands raising capital nominated in currencies of ex-USSR countries.
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First time this year Azerbaijan Finance Ministry succeeds to sell T-bills with 1-year circulation term
Baku, Fineko/ Short-term government bonds (T-bills) of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan have been placed at the Baku Stock Exchange for the first time since 25 June.
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Azerbaijan National Depository Centre: securities turnover grew 2.2-fold in June
Baku, Fineko/ The National Depository Center of Azerbaijan (NDCA) reports of grown turnover of the stock market in June by 2.15 times against a fall of 43.3% in May 2013. In 2012 the turnover grew by 26.5% and phenomenal growth rate 4.69 fold was registered in 2011.
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Azerbaijan’s National Depository Center registered 46.3% of new shareholders’ register agreements of 2012 index
Baku, Fineko/ The National Depository Centre of Azerbaijan (NDCA) expands signing of agreements with joint-stock companies on maintenance and storage of shareholders’ registers
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Italy urges Azerbaijani investors to develop tourism in Sardinia
Baku, Fineko/ Italy urges Azerbaijani investors to develop tourism on the island of Sardinia.
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Placement of FINCA Azerbaijan’s bonds to strengthen PASHA Bank’s position in funding microfinance sector
Baku, Fineko/ Non-bank credit organization FINCA Azerbaijan has completed its inaugural bond issue for AZN 10 million in Azerbaijan’s capital markets.
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PASHA Bank starts FINCA quotes in Baku Stock Exchange trading system
Baku, Fineko/ From today PASHA Bank (PAŞA Bank) begins support of the bonds of non-bank credit institution FINCA Azerbaijan as a market-maker on the Baku Stock Exchange.
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Pasha Capital kept leader position among Baku Stock Exchange brokers
Baku, Fineko/ According to the Baku Stock Exchange Analytical Department’s calculations, this June Pasha Capital (Paşa Kapital) succeeded to keep its leading position in the ranking of brokers at the government securities market (excluding repo operations market) seized in May.
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Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover grew by 37.4% for June 2013
Baku, Fineko/ The turnover of the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) for June increased by 37.4% compared to May 2013.
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State medium-term bond becomes most sold paper of Azerbaijan Finance Ministry
Baku, Fineko/ The state medium-term bonds (SMTBs) have remained the most attractive security of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance.
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Registration is open for participation in 1st European-Azerbaijani investment forum in Baku
Baku, Fineko/ The first European-Azerbaijani investment forum with B2B-meetings will be held in Baku on 11 September 2013.
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On 25 July Baku Stock Exchange to host first auction for sale of commercial bank’s shares
Baku, Fineko/ The Baku Stock Exchange has announced the first call for an open competitive sale of shares of a commercial bank.
read more   25.06.2013 17:50
Finance Minister does not rule out debut issue of Azerbaijan’s sovereign bonds before end of 2013
Baku, Fineko/ Азербайджан is likely to issue sovereign bonds in 2013 for the first time.
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