Hospitality and catering sector becomes most dynamic sector of Azerbaijan’s economy by capital investments
Baku, Fineko/ The hospitality and catering sector became the most dynamic sector of Azerbaijan’s economy by capital investments in Jan-May 2015.
read more   13.06.2015 11:38
Non-oil sector keeps defining direct investments in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The oil sector, which has determined direct investments in Azerbaijan for two months running, lost this status between March and May.
read more   13.06.2015 11:18
Foreign direct investments in Azerbaijan grew by 44.8% year on year
Baku, Fineko/ In May 2015 foreign direct investments in the economy of Azerbaijan fell by 0.8% versus April 2015 and for Jan-May of the year FDI increased by 44.8% year-on-year.
read more   13.06.2015 10:41
Investments in Azerbaijan increased by 3.7%
Baku, Fineko/ In May investments in Azerbaijan fell by 5.4% compared with April 2015.
read more   13.06.2015 10:10
Participants of stock market correct their status in accordance with Azerbaijan’s law on securities market
Baku, Fineko/ Participants of stock market correct their status in accordance with the law on securities market adopted by the Parliament of Azerbaijan.
read more   12.06.2015 17:39
Azerbaijan Central Bank: FDI in country’s economy reached $1.8 bn for past quarter
Baku, Fineko/ The Central Bank of Azerbaijan, running the balance of payments statistics, has published the balance of investments data for the first quarter of 2015.
read more   11.06.2015 10:17
Pasha Capital returns leader position among Baku Stock Exchange brokers in May
Baku, Fineko/ In May Pasha Capital (Paşa Kapital) broker returned its leadership in the rating of brokers at the government securities market (with the exception of repo operations market) at the Baku Stock Exchange
read more   09.06.2015 17:06
Derivative instruments ensure proper rise of Baku Stock Exchange turnover for Jan-May
Baku, Fineko/ Derivative instruments provided a proper year-on-year growth of Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover for Jan-May.
read more   09.06.2015 16:56
IMF mission welcomes introduction of International Investment Position in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The IMF mission has completed its work in Baku and made a statement on its results.
read more   09.06.2015 11:18
New rules of game explained to stock market players of Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The new rules of game are being explained to the players of the stock market of Azerbaijan. The rules will be introduced after the Law on Securities Market enters into force.
read more   08.06.2015 15:50
Lira collapsed on results of parliamentary elections in Turkey
Baku, Fineko/ The Turkish market has responded to the results of yesterday’s parliamentary elections by the fall of all quotations.
read more   08.06.2015 13:28
Muğanbank gets a right to raise share capital
Baku, Fineko/ OJSC Muğanbank has received the right to increase the level of the share capital.
read more   04.06.2015 16:56
Finance Leasing to hold dual bi-currency placement of bonds
Baku, Fineko/ Finance Leasing (Finans Lizinq) is to conduct dual bi-currency placement of interest-bearing book-entry registered uncollateralized securities tomorrow.
read more   03.06.2015 18:01
Stock markets of Azerbaijan and UK can be integrated
Baku, Fineko/ The stock markets of Azerbaijan and UK can be integrated.
read more   03.06.2015 12:48
Leader FOREX services to be suspended in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Securities has ordered to suspend services provided by Leader FOREX
read more   01.06.2015 12:29

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