PASHA Bank ensured success of three largest bond issues for a couple of weeks
Baku, Fineko/ PASHA Bank has announced progress in the development of the corporate bonds market of Azerbaijan.
read more   30.12.2014 15:02
Starting from January 1, only accredited traders will be allowed to participate in trading at the Baku Stock Exchange
Baku, Fineko/ Yesterday Baku Stock Exchange held a presentation of accreditation certificates for traders working in its system.
read more   30.12.2014 10:45
Assets of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) estimated at the level of $37 bn
Baku, Fineko/ Today the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) celebrates its 15th anniversary.
read more   29.12.2014 14:48
Since Monday AccessBank to start selling 9% bonds
Baku, Fineko/ AccessBank begins selling its 9% unsecured bonds.
read more   27.12.2014 09:59
Azerbaijan Finance Ministry’s medium-term bonds sold first time since 28 November
Baku, Fineko/ The state medium-term bonds (SMTBs) of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance remain the most sold papers.
read more   27.12.2014 09:13
Azerbaijan car dealer to enter into capital market on 5 January
Baku, Fineko/ Azerbaijan car dealer Xazar-Lada (Xəzər-Lada) is going to enter into the capital market in early 2015.
read more   26.12.2014 11:51
Kövsər Bank started unprecedented share placement
Baku, Fineko/ Kövsər Bank OJSC, positioning itself as the only Islamic Bank of Azerbaijan starts unprecedented share placement.
read more   25.12.2014 11:57
AccessBank ready to buy capital at 9%
Baku, Fineko/ AccessBank CJSC traditionally raising funds from its foreign shareholders has announced the price, which it’s ready to pay for the capital in the Azerbaijani market.
read more   24.12.2014 16:45
Today Unibank starts selling 9.75% bonds
Baku, Fineko/ Commercial bank Unibank from which the issue of corporate bonds began in the country, is entering once again into the Azerbaijani capital market.
read more   24.12.2014 09:48
Perspectives for the future of Azerbaijan’s stock market to be discussed this week
Baku, Fineko/ The Azerbaijan Stock Market Participants Association has started taking active measures.
read more   22.12.2014 16:25
NBC Bank shares placement starts on December 24
Baku, Fineko/ NBC Bank OJSC starts placement of its shares at the Baku Stock Exchange CJSC.
read more   22.12.2014 14:32
Appetite of AccessBank for capital is growing: the bank started to exhaust local market
Baku, Fineko/ AccessBank CJSC, which traditionally raises funds from its foreign shareholders, started to exhaust the local capital market.
read more   20.12.2014 10:19
Unibank calls reasons for bonds issue with a 9.75% coupon
Baku, Fineko/ Commercial bank Unibank has published the reasons for the issuance of bonds with a 9.75% coupon.
read more   20.12.2014 09:57
Azər-Türk Bank to place its new share issue on Monday
Baku, Fineko/ Azər-Türk Bank OJSC starts placement of its new share issue.
read more   20.12.2014 09:39
Investment growth in Azerbaijan almost stopped year-on-year
Baku, Fineko/ In November investments into Azerbaijani economy grew by 9% against October when they fell by 5.1%.
read more   19.12.2014 09:21

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