Azerbaijan’s partners have some questions on equity stake financing
Baku, Fineko/ Equity participation becomes the main for the investment partners of Azerbaijan.
read more   01.02.2016 11:40
Regulation endorsed on securities transactions confirmed in notary order
Baku, Fineko/ The Regulation on payments and registration in the depository system of securities contracts, confirmed in the notarial order, has been approved.
read more   01.02.2016 10:30
EBRD confirms interest to enter Azerbaijan’s stock market as issuer and investor
Baku, Fineko/ Rufat Aslanli, the chairman of the State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan, has received the regional director of the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development for Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus Bruno Balvanera.
read more   30.01.2016 10:59
Finance Minister encourages population to invest in government bonds
Baku, Fineko/ The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan encourages the population to invest money in government bonds.
read more   28.01.2016 17:38
Securities Committee registered the issue prospectuses of state bonds for 2016
Baku, Fineko/ The State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan registered today the issue prospectuses of manat-denominated state short-term (SSTBs) and medium-term bonds (SMTBs) of the Ministry of Finance for 2016.
read more   27.01.2016 14:40
Finance Ministry issues its first dollar-denominated bonds in Azerbaijan
Baku, Fineko/ The State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan (SSC) has registered the issue prospectuses of state short-term (SSTBs) and medium-term bonds (SMTBs).
read more   26.01.2016 15:26
Investments in Azerbaijan fall by 11% for 2015
Baku, Fineko/ In December investments in Azerbaijani economy increased by 12.3% compared with November 2015.
read more   25.01.2016 09:46
Terms of compensation to depositors of license-deprived Bank of Azerbaijan postponed
Baku, Fineko/ The Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund (ADIF) has informed that terms of payment of compensation to depositors of OJSC Bank of Azerbaijan.
read more   25.01.2016 09:03
Tentative schedule of exchange rate decline to 2 manat to US dollar appeared
Baku, Fineko/ The schedule of further dynamics of a floating exchange rate of the Azerbaijan currency ahs appeared.
read more   23.01.2016 10:48
Felix Zulauf: a global deflation shock is possible in 2016 amid China’s currency fall to 8 yuans to US dollar
Baku, Fineko/ Felix Zulauf, founder and president of companies Zulauf Asset Management and Vicenda Asset Management, considers that for the sake of inclusion of the yuan in the IMF’s basket China created conditions for capital outflow from the country.
read more   23.01.2016 10:37
Azerbaijan exempts investors from some taxes and customs duties for 7 years
Baku, Fineko/ The amendments have been made to the Tax Code and the Law on Customs Tariffs in connection with the introduction of investment promotion certificate or certificate of investment in Azerbaijan.
read more   19.01.2016 15:13
Azerbaijan introduces investment certificate
Baku, Fineko/ Investment promotion certificate or certificate of investment is to be introduced in Azerbaijan by a decree of President Ilham Aliyev.
read more   19.01.2016 08:55
Azerbaijan’s head: investments in regions to be brought up to AZN 1 bn
Baku, Fineko/ President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan has tasked the government to ensure development of the non-oil sector amid declining oil revenues.
read more   18.01.2016 15:49
SOCAR repurchases its eurobonds of debut issue
Baku, Fineko/ The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) wants to repurchase eurobonds in the amount of $500 million maturing in 2017.
read more   18.01.2016 15:22
37 managers of Chinese top companies have disappeared
Baku, Fineko/ Mysterious disappearance of top companies’ executives in China, that automatically withdraws their shares from stock exchange listing, continues.
read more   18.01.2016 09:17










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