Jan-May foreign investments in Azerbaijan grew by 20.7%

Baku, Fineko/ This May foreign investments in economy of Azerbaijan increased by 6.9% versus April and by 20.7% for Jan-May 2011 year-on-year (against Jan-May 2010).

The State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that for Jan-May of the year total foreign investments made up AZN 821.55 million. This May the indicator was AZN 179.9 million versus AZN 168.317 million in April, AZN 156.027 million in March, AZN 155.5 million in February and AZN 161.835 million in January.

Last year, overall foreign investments reached AZN 2.405 billion, including AZN 571.1 million in December (the absolutely best indicator a month in 2009-10).

Over Jan-May 2011 the list of the leaders on external investments in national economy did not change. The Great Britain with investments for AZN 397.2 million provided 48.4% of their volume.

The US invested AZN 135.696 million or 16.5% of foreign investments, Japan AZN 82.2 million (10%), Norway AZN 46.305 million (5.6%), Turkey AZN 39.476 million (4.8%), Czech Republic AZN 25.445 million (3.1%), France AZN 21.086 million (2.6%), South Korea AZN 9.339 million (1.1%), and Switzerland AZN 3.188 million (0.4%).

Major investments were carried out by the World Bank (AZN 37.4 million or 4.6% of all investments), the Asian Development Bank (AZN 20.038 million or 2.4%), and the Islamic Development Bank (AZN 1.4 million or 0.2%) among the international organizations.


17.06.2011 08:28

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