Real property prices in Spain, Hungary and other EU countries to fall further 2-fold

Baku, Fineko/ International rating agencies have resumed the process of rating declination of European Union member-countries , turning Euro zone crisis to the whole EU’s crisis.

Yesterday alone Belgium ( Euro zone member) and Hungary (using national currency forint) "suffered". The latter’s rate of return on commitments rose up to 9% whereas " the point of no return" for Euro zone countries after which it is impossible to serve obligations is 7% rate. At that the investors’ departure is going on in Hungary.

In this connection international experts forecast  opening of bankruptcy season in EU although it is difficult for them to answer if it will be limited to large banks’ bankruptcy or the certain countries’ default will be needed as well. According to experts European politicians will come back to reality and start making adequate decisions only after emerging of crowds of protesting citizens losing their funds.

According to some specialists’ opinion mass reduction of assets cost is expected in South and East European states that are EU members. In particular almost 2-fold reduction in real property prices can be expected in Spain and that same Hungary. Only after that the investors will start returning to these countries.

According to Russian specialists only Poland can win from all negative processes in EU – the state large enough for existence due to domestic market with stable economy and literate management.


26.11.2011 09:11


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