Azerbaijan Finance Ministry’s medium-term bonds placed first time since 11 July
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The state medium-term bonds (SMTBs) of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Finance have been placed for the first time since 11 July.
read more   30.07.2014 17:07
Sale of 11% Union Leasing coupon bonds to begin on 30 July
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Union Leasing begins exchange sale of interest-bearing book-entry registered collateralized securities.
read more   25.07.2014 17:01
S Caucasus infrastructure and energy summit scheduled for 5-6 February
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Registration for the annual South Caucasus Investment Summit on infrastructure and new energy has been opened.
read more   24.07.2014 10:50
Leasing organizations ready to raise funds at a rate of 11%
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijani leasing companies are trying to reduce the rate to raise funds from the local capital market.
read more   23.07.2014 16:49
Rare case: issue of Azerbaijani bank’s shares declared invalid
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. A rare event occurred in the stock market of Azerbaijan: the issue of shares of a bank was declared invalid.
read more   23.07.2014 10:54
Azerbaijan Finance Ministry refutes order for state callable bonds
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan Finance Ministry’s state callable bonds have not been placed again at the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).
read more   23.07.2014 09:52
‘Southern Gas Corridor’ places issue of corporate bonds for $1.246 bn at Baku Stock Exchange
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. CJSC Southern Gas Corridor (Cənub Qaz Dəhlizi, CQD) places its second and the largest ever corporate bond issue at the Baku Stock Exchange.
read more   22.07.2014 18:04
First group approved for study abroad in 2014
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Education Commission, operating under the President of Azerbaijan, has endorsed the first group of young people who in 2014 will study abroad at public expense.
read more   22.07.2014 17:34
State capital investment in 2014 still lag from target
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. State capital investment in 2014 is still lagging from the target of the Law on the State Budget.
read more   22.07.2014 17:20
Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund stops buying gold
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) is able to buy more gold for, at least, $599.3 million.
read more   21.07.2014 16:44
Action plan on stock market for 2nd half of 2014 defined
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The Coordination Group of Authorized Organizations has held a meeting in connection with the implementation of the State Securities Market Development Program for 2011-20
read more   21.07.2014 16:35
Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund compensates investment losses from Ukrainian crisis
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) has overcome the negative effects of the crisis around Ukraine.
read more   21.07.2014 16:22
Baku Stock Exchange began trading in derivatives for raw materials
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. CJSC Baku Stock Exchange has expanded trading in financial derivative instruments.
read more   21.07.2014 10:33
Direct investments in Azerbaijan’s oil sector declined by 15% month-on-month
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. This June direct investments in the oil sector of Azerbaijan dropped by 14.99% against May of the year and made up 33.3% of all investments in the economy.
read more   18.07.2014 16:49
Azerbaijani stock market grew by 86%
Baku, Fineko/abc.az. The State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan has summed up the results of activity in the 1st half of the year.
read more   17.07.2014 16:43










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