SOCAR’s terminal in Kulevi awarded open customs zone status

Baku, Fineko/  The Black Sea Trade Terminal (BST Ltd) belonging to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan received status of Open Customs Zone and temporary Storage Warehouse.

According to BST, 90% of Terminal territory (mainly operations area) is called “Open Customs Zone” and turnover of all goods are implemented under the supervision and permission of the customs inspectors. The Terminal according to customs legislation and procedures has obtained status of temporary Storage Warehouse and Open Type Area since opening in May 2008.

The decision was made as Kulevi oil Terminal is located in Georgia, forwarding oil/oil derivatives for international clients and is closely connected with Georgian state organizations and takes legal and material liabilities to them. The decision includes the rules according to legislation, creation of the material and technical basis supply, getting of rule automated appearance of work process, transparency during documentation and financial operations, work procedures adapted to international, national and local regulations.


15.03.2010 09:08

Tags: BST

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