NATO conquered from Gaddafi control over Libyan oil for Qatar

Baku, Fineko/ NATO’s operation worth about $300-500 million a day on sweeping the sky over Libya opens a new historical era: the beginning of the colonial conquests by the Persian Gulf states. At the same time NATO acts as a "soldier of fortune" - a professional mercenary, ensuring colonial conquest itself.

The defeat of Colonel Qaddafi’s ground forces by NATO aviation has opened possibilities for the opposition for restoration of oil exports from Libya. As a result, according to a representative on the economy and oil of "transitional government" of the opposition Ali Tarkhuni, the opposition has already reached an agreement on oil exports under the supervision of Qatar.

"We have agreed with Qatar, and our next shipment will be carried out in less than a week," Tarkhuni said.

While the opposition controls the production of 100,000-130,000 barrels of oil a day and is ready to raise production up to 300,000 bpd. This amounts to only a fifth of production in the country prior to anti-government protests (1.5 million bpd).

Nevertheless, for the first time in the history control over the "opposition" export has been transferred not to traditional "monsters" like BP and RD Shell, but to "humble" Qatar, which is using channel Al Jazeera has contributed a lot to the start of anti-government protests in the Arab world and Libya.



28.03.2011 09:21


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