All illegally-built housing to be legalized within Azerbaijani government’s new policy

Baku, Fineko/ In the course of his next yesterday’s visit to the suburban towns of Baku Azerbaijan’s head Ilham Aliyev made several statements on the new format of the government’s policy.

President Aliyev claimed that if to put the laws of market economy and social issues on the scales, we will certainly give preference to the convenience of people, solution of social issues, and social justice.

"Our policy is socially-oriented. Of course, a law-governed state has been built in Azerbaijan and the rule of law must be central to all of us, but there must be justice as well. We must make sure that the problems of residents would be resolved," the President said.

The urgent issue of illegally-constructed housing (samostroyki) will also be solved in the context of the convenience of people and social justice.

"Problems with registration have been waiting for a decision for many years, and as a result of my instructions this question will also find its fair solution.

Preparation of a mechanism to ensure full transparency and prevent adverse effects in registration issues is under way. I hope that in the near future it will be submitted to me, and the matter will be resolved. There are people who have lived for decades without registration. Certain part of homes was built illegally, but they were built and people live in them. That is why we need to make sure that everything would be solved within the framework of the law and make the existing realities to acquire the force of law,” President Aliyev said.

The legal principle of making the realities to acquire the force of the law has been ever used neither in Azerbaijan nor in the former Soviet Union. As a result, Azerbaijan has set a new global public format of liberalization and democratization in the right field.



12.04.2011 07:57


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