Azerpocht expands network of automated mail boxes operating on solar batteries

Baku, Fineko/ National postal operator of Azerbaijan , LLC Azerpocht is expanding the network of automated mail boxes operating on solar batteries.

Azerpocht reports that new automated mail boxes are purchased to be installed in densely populated districts of Baku.

" It is planned to purchase about 100 new mail boxes. At present 3-5 new mail boxes  have been installed in Baku in test order. In future it is planned to fully replace mail boxes in the capital and install them in regional centers", - the source at Communication and  Information Technologies Ministry said.

Azerbaijan records increase of manual mail services volume despite the rise of electronic post services penetration level among population.

" Currently 128 post departments are operating in Baku. To provide the population’s needs for manual service it is enough to install 200-250 new mail boxes in the city",- the Ministry said.

The last models of automated mail boxes presented at world market have functions enabling to print labels as well as weigh   packages and book post air mails. Moreover with the latest Automatic Postal Machine development one can send parcels whose dimensions do not exceed 300x250x200 mm and weight-15 kg. The main element for terminal management will be a sensor screen.  Reliable carcass from high-strength plastic as well as screens protecting against sunbeams, wind and rain provide preservation of correspondence mail left in  Automatic Postal Machine. Work on installation of new automated mail boxes in Azerbaijan is carried out within post system’s reconstruction project.



29.09.2011 15:31

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