Russian-Ukrainian border closes because of recognition of people animals in Ukraine

Baku, Fineko/ Russia closes the state border with Ukraine because of the recognition of people in Ukraine animals.

Chief Medical Officer Gennady Onishchenko of Russia has stated that Ukrainian authorities delegated the responsibility of the Medical Service to the veterinarians, thereby equating humans and animals. In this regard, Russia sanitary service threatens to restrict import of agricultural products from Ukraine.

"There appeared a serious problem. According to official public documents, not medics but the veterinary service will deal with prevention of cholera among people in Ukraine in 2012. This means that already since May we will strengthen quite seriously supervision on the border with Ukraine," Onishchenko said.

In 2011, the two countries’ health services managed to prevent penetration of cholera from Ukraine to Russia and not to close borders.

"In Ukraine, the powers of control over food and nutrition, including in children’s organized groups, are transferred to the veterinary service. De facto, this provides recognition of a citizen of Ukraine an animal. In Ukraine, as throughout the world, legislation says that persons with special medical education deal with health of people. And food, as it is known, is 70% of all health problems. The veterinarian will do balanced diet, its quality and safety, physiological usefulness, although he is trained at the best in the field of the diet of calves. And precisely veterinarians in Ukraine will be engaged in the diagnosis of outbreaks and their investigation in camps, schools, health facilities and hospitals. For us it is a signal that already from the very first days in 2012 to do restructuring of the upcoming summer vacation of Russian children and its relocation from Ukrainian resorts to the regions of Russia and Europe," Onishchenko stated.

He called actions of the Ukrainian authorities an "experiment" and promised not to allow the experiment to affect the Russians, especially on the Russian children.

"We’ll start monitor very carefully supplies of agricultural products from Ukraine, especially dairy ones, and take strict measures at the slightest deterioration in quality. First of all, small and medium enterprises of Ukraine supplying products to the border regions and cities of Russia will suffer from that," Onishchenko said.

According to Onishchenko, in transfer of food safety functions to the veterinary department Ukraine bases itself on "experience of a micro-state in Europe and quasi-dwarf in the Trans-Caucasus".

"Citing for such experiences for one of the largest states in Europe is incorrect and demeaning. National experience of Ukraine is not taken into account. Back in the USSR, Ukraine was one of the leading regions, where advanced technologies in the field of epidemiology, quality control and food safety appeared, carried out and then spread throughout the Soviet Union,"  Onishchenko complained.

Authorship of the reform is attributed to Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko.

"I watched with interest for Mr. Tigipko and considered him a very prudent and pragmatic politician, not prone to extravagant decisions. But his authorship of these reforms is very sad. I have ethno-professional grounds to express publicly a hope that the MPs of the Verkhovna Rada will apply a more weighted approach towards this matter and block the changes proposed by the ruling elite to the existing laws in order to ensure the sanitary-epidemiological well-being. I hope that the most important element of the biological safety of the state neighboring with us will not be destroyed in favor of Ukrainian agriculture lobby and through the "Harvard Boys" in the interests of other states," Onishchenko said.



09.01.2012 09:50


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