State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy in Azerbaijan restored

Baku, Fineko/ Azerbaijan refused from the "nationalization" of alternative energy, by eliminating state-owned company on alternative and renewable energy sources (AREA). Return to the scheme of regulation of the sector through the State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy (ABEMDA) was carried out by yesterday’s decree of President Ilham Aliyev "On additional measures in the field of alternative energy and renewable energy".

The decree establishes an independent State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy, unlike earlier existed State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. President approved immediately the Regulations on ABEMDA, its structure (it includes only the Agency’s administration) and staffing - no more than 100 staff members.

Under the decree, with the renewed ABEMDA it was established limited liability company Azalternativenerji (Azerbaijan alternative energy - Azaltenergiya). This company aims to design, produce, build, operate, and provide infrastructure in the area of exploration and development of alternative and renewable energy sources, energy production, transport and distribution of alternative energy, purchase equipment, installations and facilities. ABEMDA will determine the structure, number of employees, the payment system and a budget of Azaltenergiya, assign its controls, form the Supervisory Board, and approve the financial statements.

The decree commissions the Cabinet Ministers to solve for a month to decide on financing of ABEMDA activity, its building equipping, form the charter capital of Azalternativenerji and provide for it financing from the state budget for the activities in the first phase.

After the decree, the President released by his orders AREA chairman Akim Badalov from his position and appointed ABEMDA chairman to his post.

On 1 June, the President of Azerbaijan established AREA on the basis of ABEMDA under the Ministry of Industry & Energy. Since that moment AREA was unable to obtain approval of its organizational and founding documents.


02.02.2013 09:20


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