Azerbaijan National Depository Centre: securities turnover already reached $200 million for 2013

Baku, Fineko/ The National Depository Center of Azerbaijan (NDCA) reports of grown turnover of the stock market in March by 40.2 times against February 2013. In 2012 the turnover grew by 26.5% and phenomenal growth rate 4.69 fold was registered in 2011.

The Centre says that 255 deals with securities for over AZN 40.9 million at par value were concluded in March against 374 deals for AZN 46.9 million in January and 359 ones for over AZN 68.5 in February 2013.

The best turnover in 2012 was registered in September (397 deals for AZN 307.99 million) and in 2011 in December (478 deals for AZN 1.035 bn).

“Turnover for Jan-Mar 2013 totaled AZN 156.716 million on 998 deals,” the Centre informed.

Turnover for 2012 made up AZN 3.06 bn on 4,816 deals against AZN 2.42 bn on 4,992 deals for 2011.

This Marchit was concluded 12 deals for placement of shares for AZN 12.88 million versus AZN 9.9 million on 9 deals in January and AZN 61.219 million on 32 deals in February. Total turnover on these operations in 2013 exceeds AZN 84.001 million on 53 deals.

In March turnover on 229 stock-exchange deals reached AZN 15.03 million (against AZN 7.78 million on 323 deals in January, AZN 1.475 million on 280 deals in February, and AZN 24.56 million on 842 deals for Jan-Mar 2013) and on 14 ex-pit transactions AZN 13.05 million (against AZN 29.257 million on 42 deals in January, AZN 5.848 million on 47 deals in February, and AZN 48.15 million on 103 deals for Jan-Mar 2013).

As of 1 April exchange rate of manat was AZN 0.7846 to the US dollar and in accord with it the nominal volume of 2013 securities turnover still totals $199.7 million versus $3.899 bn in 2012.

The turnover does not take into account the deals with securities of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.


05.04.2013 16:48


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