Henry Kissinger tried to stop the war for Ukraine between the West and Russia

Baku, Fineko/ Revolution in Ukraine made a pause that enabled the leading political experts to think over the next step.

Thus, Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. Secretary of State, casting no doubts on the President Obama’s policy said to CNN that the parties should have better understanding of the long-term historical development.

“Establishment of relations between Russia and the rest of the world, between Russia and us is a great problem because that country was an Empire over the whole period of its history and its consciousness is built on the Empire achievements. They border upon China and it’s a strategic nightmare. They border upon Islam and it’s an ideological nightmare. They also have borders with Europe and historically those borders are very shaky. On the other hand, Russian rulers have ruled over the centuries making impression of their importance abroad. So, what is the way to unite the country, demonstrate the menace for the neighbours and at the same time to understand the need of compromises? I think this is the main difficulty faced by Putin. And we are not interested in carrying them in such condition that they would need to show what they are capable of”, - Kissinger said. However, he didn’t propose any recipes to find the way out the situation.

“I definitely support independent Ukraine having good relations with Europe. However, in order to understand the Russian position we should look into the history”, - Kissinger said.

Nevertheless, he considers Putin’s position and his relation to the last events in Ukraine to be the key factor in the situation.

“I think he looks at it as at the full rehearsal of what we would like to make in Moscow: change of regime. And his suspicions are worsened because the events are so close to the Games in Sochi”, - Kissinger said.

It should be noted that Putin allocated $15 bn from the Russian National Wealth Fund. So far, only $2-3 bn have been transferred but it’s evident that those funds would not be returned by the new regime that U.S. want to establish in Kiev. Does it mean that in accordance with a new Russian tradition on the day of the Olympic Games opening in Sochi Russian tanks assembled in Ukraine will invade Ukraine, as it was in Georgia in 2008? It’s very doubtful.

Meanwhile, U.S. is sending torpedo boat destroyer and the ship with 600 marines from its 6th Navy to Black Sea in order to organize evacuation of American citizens. The word “war” has not been uttered yet, but all the preparations are ready.



04.02.2014 09:18


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