Tender for consultant on two-stage privatization of Int’l Bank of Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ The State Committee on Property Issues has announced an open tender on attraction of the consultant on the privatization of state-owned share in the charter capital of the International Bank of Azerbaijan Joint Stock Company.

The Committee informs that the consultant will evaluate the financial and economic activities of the Bank (audit), define the price and terms of state-owned share; provide legal, technical and financial advice to attract local and foreign legal entities to the privatization. In the process of work the consultant on the basis of an analysis of the banking sector should make proposals for the prospects of its development, increase of competition in the sector, the correction of national legislation in connection with the IBA privatization, and evaluate the Bank for compliance with international standards and norms.

Consultations will be given in two stages:

- submitting proposals for reducing the state-owned share (50.2%) in the Bank’s charter capital by additional issue of shares, the definition of a frames and terms of such a scheme of privatization;

- definition of the value the remaining, after the first stage of privatization of state-owned share, prices and conditions of sale, preparation of information memorandum and advice on the privatization of this package.

While evaluating the applicants’ bids for consultations, the priority will be given to the following criteria: value of the services to be provided; previous working experience and authority of the bidders in this area; the working plan proposed by the bidder and implementation methods of the working plan; specialization, experience and competence of the proposed working team.

To obtain the Term of References and participant status, it is required to make payment of 5,000 manats.

The bank guarantee of the tender bid should be at least 2% of the tender value.

The tender documents package should be submitted from 10 am till 5 pm on 24 February to the Committee at the address: 20, Yussif Safarov Street, Room 810. The additional information on the tender procedure is available by phone: 4902408 (extension: 242).

The tender documents are accepted until 5 pm on 13 April 13, bids and the tender bids until 5 pm on 21 April. The tender procedure will take place at 11 am on 22 April.



21.02.2011 08:15


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