Competition begins in Azerbaijani primary market of Internet services

Baku, Fineko/ Delta Telecom owns 88% of the Azerbaijani segment of the Internet.

According to data of one of the international resources, 27 ISP companies of the country are connected to Delta Telecom’s network. The remaining 12% ISP of Azerbaijan are connected to another primary provider - Azertelekom, among which are companies DataCELL, Bakcell, Ultel, Azerfon, Baktelekom and Azerbaijan Telecomunication ISP.

Delta Telecom has international connection with 312 telecom operators and international providers, of which 204 are carried out via IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6).

The Company carries out transit of traffic via 1,185 routes on IPv4 and 54 transit routes on IPv6 protocol.

Azertelekom still has an international connection with three international operators - Silknet, MegaFon, and Türk Telekomunikasyon Anonim Şirketi. Today, Azertelekom has not yet transferred to protocol IPv6, which enables to increase investment interests of Internet service providers (ISP) and makes it possible to maintain the quality of Internet access provided to the end user.

The new version of protocol IP, IPv6 is designed to solve the problems with which previous version IPv4 faced in the process of its use in the Internet, due to use of 128-bit address length instead of 32. Currently, IPv6 has been already used in thousands of networks around the world, but has not yet been as widespread in the Internet, like IPv4.

The advantages of IPv6 are in the capacity to support large packets (jambogramms) up to 4 gigabytes in high-speed networks, appearance of flows of marks and klassoa traffic, transfer of IPSec protocol (a set of protocols to protect data transmitted via inter-net Protocol IP) from the desired into compulsory.

Transfer to new version IPv6 allowed to acquire 4.3 billion Internet addresses, which is several thousand times larger than the currently available resources in Azerbaijan.



05.01.2012 17:50


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