Demand for Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund’s 4th tranche of bonds exceed supply 15.7-fold

Baku, Fineko/ Yesterday the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under the Central Bank continued successfully placement of the sixth issue of book-entry, secured, registered bonds of the sixth issue – demand for their 4th tranche exceeded the supply 15.679 fold.

The Baku Stock Exchange reports that on 4 February the two investors submitted the bids for the amount of AZN 47.037 million for purchase of the 4th tranche of the sixth bonds issue, equal to AZN 3 million.

The selling price of bonds totaled 100.3167% of nominal which is AZN 1,000.

The first tranche of bonds of this issue was placed on 28 December 2012 for AZN 3 million, the 2nd tranche for AZN 3 million on 15 January 2013, the 3rd tranche for ZN 5 million on 21 January.

As a result, today the 6th issue of the AMF bonds has been placed for 35% or AZN 14 million.

On 21 December, the State Securities Committee registered the prospectus of the 6th issue of AMF bonds under number AZ2006008687. In accord with the prospectus the AMF will issue 40,000 bonds with par value of 1,000 each and AZN 40 million from the market. The circulation period of these bonds is 10 years and interest rate is 3% per annum.

On 18 December the AMF finished placement of the 5th issue of bonds (AZ200500868) – AZN 30 million with interest rate of 3%. They are in circulation for 3,600 days and redemption date on them is 22 January 2022.

As a result, the AMF has successfully placed 5 issues of bonds for totally AZN 240 million (AZN 55 million, AZN 75 million, AZN 60 million, AZN 20 million, and AZN 30 million respectively).


05.02.2013 12:50

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